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B Mo is an actor, writer, comedian and content creator who continues to make the world laugh with his "generations" series as well as a number of characters he has created including his version of  "Mother Nature" and all of the Covid-19 variants to name a few.

B Mo Is a native of Boston, Massachusetts and has always wanted to work in entertainment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the radio station that he worked at was forced to close and he found myself without a job.  That's when he was able to turn his focus on writing and acting through his content.  He never looked back.

Doing primarily comedy sketches, B Mo has built a following of over 2 Million across all platforms.  B Mo has been featured on Netflix Is A Joke Instagram account & Funny Or Die.

B Mo has worked with several leading brands including Netflix, Pizza Hut, Extra Gum, Twisted Tea, TGI Fridays, Fireball, STOKD, Buffalo Wild Wings and more.

“After seeing Brian’s content, we knew he’d be a perfect fit for our campaign. From the moment we reached out to his manager, Kristen, we have loved working together on executing marketing campaigns. Their creativity and ability to bring clients ideas to life is just the beginning, they are absolutely the best to work with as they were always timely, flexible, and so kind! For anyone who is looking for a great partner to help move their business forward and connect with their respective audience, we highly recommend working with Brian and Kristen!"

-MSL Group

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