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BTYPEP is an internet personality and digital creator.  His content is focused on lifestyle, self-love and inspiration.  His brand is humble even though he projects an image of luxury.  While lifestyle, beauty and fashion are his passions, he is genuine, authentic and fun-loving.

BTYPEP uses his platform to bring kindness, motivation and inspiration to the world. His content is an escape, bringing smiles and laughter through his absurd sketches and infectious energy.  BTYPEP accidentally fell into social media by sharing vlogs about his daily life, relationship, and obstacles he had to overcome to achieve success. 

His content must have resonated - he has garnered over 6M fans who continue to follow his daily escapades.  They now come to him faithfully to ask him for advice on relationships and coming out as LGBTQ+.   This has made him realize that he has a platform and a responsibility to inspire and support his fans.

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