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Jasmine’s Garden (born Ebony “Jasmine” Harris) is a Social Media Influencer, Spiritual Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Actress and Songwriter who has built her brand and platform through "Authentic Unfiltered Truth". As everyone’s favorite Internet Fairy, she has found her way into the hearts and minds of millions with her "Verbal Magic" that empowers the soul.


Jasmine grew up in Florida, and was the President of The NAACP Youth Council, and First Chair of the Thurgood Marshall Debate Society at Bethune Cookman University. So her passion for motivational speaking existed long before her platform.


Jasmine began teaching as a Religious Deconstruction Expert and Spiritual Consultant on Facebook in 2019, after walking away from religion. Deciding to try something new in November of 2020, she made her way on to TikTok and the rest is history.


She is not only an epic content creator, but also an actress, ready to expand her talents onto the big screen. She has recently launched a mentoring program called "Conscious Creatives" to help others grow their own platforms while remaining spiritually in tune.

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