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CLIENT NEWS: Jeweler exposes a cheating husband

  • Zoe Roe detailed how a customer came into the store looking for a 10-year anniversary gift for his wife and one-year anniversary gift for his girlfriend

  • The man asked to pay for them using separate accounts and credit cards

  • He also had Zoe put the gifts in separate bags labeled with each woman's initial

  • At the end of the video, she admitted she 'accidentally' mixed up the bags, ensuring his wife would open up his girlfriend's gift and vice versa

A jewelry store employee has revealed how she slyly exposed a cheating husband who came into her store to pick out anniversary gifts for both his wife and his girlfriend.

Zoe Roe, who has more than 308,000 TikTok followers, shared the story in a now-viral video, explaining how she 'accidentally' mixed up the bags to ensure his wife would be opening his mistress' gift and vice versa.

'So I work at a jewelry store and today a man came in looking for a gift for his wife for their 10-year anniversary,' she said at the start of the clip, which has been viewed more than 7.3 million times.

'He ended up picking out a piece that said "My beautiful wife" and I said, "Anything else for you today?" and he said, "No that’s it for her, but I do wanna make another purchase using a separate credit card and could you possibly create a different account for me?"' she recalled.

'I said, "Sure, what are you looking for?" and he said, "Do you have anything that says 'girlfriend?’ and I said, "Yes.'"

Zoe said she helped him pick out a gift for his girlfriend as well as something that marked their one-year anniversary.

'So I box everything up all nice, and I put them in their respective bags,' she said. 'He had me mark a "K" for Kristin on the bottom of his wife’s bag and an "L" for Laura on the bottom of his girlfriend’s bag.

'I put pretty bows on them. I handed them to him, saying "They're gonna love it. Have a nice day!" and he said, "Thank you."'

Everything would likely have worked out for the philandering husband, except Zoe 'accidentally' mislabeled his wife and girlfriend's bags.

'S**,' I just remembered that his wife’s name is Laura and his girlfriend’s name is Kristin,' she said, smirking. 'I must have mixed up the bags. Oops.'

More than 20,000 people have commented on the viral clip, sparking a debate about whether or not she was in the wrong for exposing the cheating husband.

'Everyone who says "it's not ur place" are the ones who stand by and let their friends get cheated on because they get along with both sides...,' one TikTok user wrote.

'Bless your soul for that!!!' another gushed.

Some insisted they could have been in a polyamorous relationship, but other commenters shut down that theory.

'Some of y'all have no concept of how a healthy Poly/open relationship works and it shows. The man was cheating or he wouldn't have been so secretive,' one person pointed out.

People were desperate to hear more about what happened with Laura and Kristen, insisting Zoe had to film a part two if the husband came back into the store.

A few viewers also wanted to know what she is going to say if her boss sees her viral TikTok.

Zoe replied with a follow-clip that shows her lip-syncing, saying: 'Everybody makes mistakes.'


Daily Mail

October 9, 2020


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