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CLIENT NEWS: The CDC Recommends You Watch These TikToks To Distract Yourself From This Never-Ending

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Until there’s a widespread COVID vaccine available (or if we all get our sh*t together and wear our masks properly for a few weeks) we are living in perpetual captivity - weeeeeee!

To distract you from the invisible prison we’re all trapped in for the foreseeable future, I wanted to show you a few viral comedians I came across this week on TikTok: Katie Florence, B Mo the Prince, and Molly May Rockwell.

Every generation has its strengths and weaknesses. Gen Z is woke, but remember when they started eating tide pods? Wild. Millennials are super hard working, but suck as committing to anything. Boomers built a lot of great things, but God WHY WON’T YOU RE-CONSIDER YOUR RACIST AND SEXIEST OLD FASHIONED WAYS!? Anyway, B Mo the Prince (Brian Moller) videos puts each generation in a room and lets them straight up ROAST each other. Obviously, the videos are hilarious, but more importantly he highlights the differences and stereotypes associated with each generation, which not only generates great comedy, but low-key unites the generations so we can point out our generational flaws, laugh at it, fix it, and build a better tomorrow. He’s making the world a better place - one video at a time.

Millennials vs. Gen Z: The Great American Drink-Off

Kat Curtis

November 13, 2020


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